The 14th Container packed up by Pensioners

At 1 o’clock last Friday afternoon the battle was finally won. The 14th container destined for Diospi Suyana set out on its long journey. In order to get the container packed and ready to go Olaf Boettger had enlisted the help of a group of courageous veterans. His parents, Konrad and Rosemarie Boettger, Pediatrician Armin Glauss and Mr. Friedrich Detlev Hofmann from the “Stoss Medica” company kept the pace of the operation up to the highest level. Helga John arrived just as the loading was finishing up to add a further 150 bed sheets to the container for the hospital beds.

Also in this container is a brand new incinerator from England to handle the disposal of infectious waste at the hospital, 3 washing machines to clean bedpans, various pieces of furniture for the Operating Rooms, an industrial dishwasher for the kitchen, 24 infusion pumps for administering IVs, 50 telephones, an assortment of electronic equipment of the highest quality, more medicines and so many other much needed pieces of equipment for the hospital. The estimated value of the container is $60,000USD and approximately half of the material has been donated by private individuals or different companies.

The common key: equipment for the mission hospital.

One week ago a shipment from Australia arrived in Peru. Right now there are 2 trucks en-route and as of yesterday container number 14 is riding the high seas off the coast of Europe.

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