A legend returns

Engineer Udo Klemenz at the construction site in Curahuasi

There are things that are hard to believe, even though they are demonstrably true. There is no computer forgery in today’s three photos. Udo Klemenz set foot on Peruvian soil again yesterday shortly after midnight. After an absence of 3 1/2 years.

The Hessian not only built the Diospi Suyana hospital on a voluntary basis, but also the dental and eye clinic. After that, he immediately continued with the construction of the children’s clubhouse. This was followed by the Diospi Suyana School and the addition of the hospital. The workshop for orthopedics and the 3rd floor of the media center are also to his credit.

It’s not good for retirees to be bored on the couch for too long. Everyone will realize that. When Dr. John called Niederbiel three weeks ago, he heard Barbara Klemenz’s voice in the background: “Klaus, we’ve been expecting your call!” His work assignment is to be limited to two months, unless new construction projects suddenly come on the table. /KDJ

The two civil engineers in a toilet wing at campsite 1
View up from campsite 3. There would also be a small idea for this site. But not worth mentioning.
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