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Radio Diospi Suyana

A Covid-19 patient on the operating table

What would you have done?

The patient in the operating theatre had broken his ankle joint in a drunken stupor.  Since he relishes investing his money in high-percentage alcohol, his own contribution to his hospital bill has been limited.

1st question: would you have operated on such a patient?

His screening at the hospital entrance showed furthermore that he was suffering from a corona infection; he is even contagious.

2nd question: should one send the invalid with a problem that he caused himself home into quarantine with a cast and wait and see what happens?

Surgeon Dr Steffen concluded that one could not delay treating the complex fracture.  So with a great deal of effort and extra protection measures the operation was performed in the operation theatre of the hospital’s specially cordoned off Covid-wing.

Comment: the members of staff working at a missionary hospital try to help those in need, totally irrespective of the (active) contribution the patient made to his/her current malaise.  Furthermore, the question of whether a sick person can pay for the treatment received plays a minor role.  The person in need who requires our help is our main focus.  However, this approach only works, if the hospital has enough financial means.