900 km for the contents of our Orthopaedic Workshop

As an arsonist in the company Streifeneder

The company Streifeneder is based in Emmering near Munich and is one of the two big names worldwide for orthopaedic products.  Yesterday afternoon the executive director responsible for operations, Michael Leitmair, and two of his colleagues welcomed a small Diospi Suyana delegation.

Dr Klaus John presented the story and the vision of Diospi Suyana on a big screen.  Then Daniel Müller explained why he and his family want to be in charge of the Diospi Suyana’s Orthopaedic Workshop for the next five years.

In his first statement Michael Leitmair (top second from the right) quoted church father Augustine: “He, who wants to light a flame in others, must be burning himself!” and continued: “That you are burning for your idea, is clearly visible!”

In ten days we will know to what extent the company will help us in providing the workshop’s equipment.  At their departure the two long-distance drivers were sure that their tour from Wiesbaden via Aglasterhausen to Emmering – a round trip of a mere 900km – was worth it.  We will wait and see if it was really so.

Daniel Müller in the waiting room before the negotiations started.
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