45 years later

Andrae Crouch was right

It was almost half a century ago that I heard American gospel singer Andrae Crouch live in concert somewhere in Germany. I really liked the melody of the song at the time. It became a hit that bands and choirs around the world sang after. Today I know that the content is true. “Jesus is the answer” – this sentence not only sounds pious, it is.

It was the man on the cross, the risen Jesus Christ, who gave my wife Tina and me the idea years ago to found a modern hospital in the Andes of Peru. In this hospital, we have already treated nearly half a million (491,000) patients with a large international team. Through all turmoil and over all hurdles, Diospi Suyana stands for the reality of God.

At the 15th anniversary celebration on August 31, 2022, Nicolás Lúcar, Peru’s most popular TV host, said, meaningfully, “They have a power at Diospi Suyana that has overcome man’s selfishness!” But of what mysterious power did the convinced atheist Lúcar speak?

Without the blessing of Jesus Christ, without his providence and miracles, there would be no Hospital Diospi Suyana, no Colegio Diospi Suyana, no Media Center Diospi Suyana and no Diospi Suyana Youth Festivals.

Click on the image above to hear the song by Andrae Crouch./KDJ

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