12 months – 12 apostles – 12 radio frequencies

The state of affairs in the media center area

During these hours, a team travels from Puno to Sicuani and then on to Echarate. Victor Moreno is on his way to Puerto Maldonado in the rainforest of Peru. Only three of our eleven transmitters have yet to be switched to our new frequency on Intelsat’s satellite.

Peru’s population is by no means homogeneously distributed throughout the country. Rather, most live in and around the urban centers of major cities. The overview below shows where Diospi Suyana towers are located in southern Peru. With the start-up of our facility in Ayacucho (left yellow dot), 50% of the inhabitants in the states of Apurimac, Cusco, Puno, Madre de Dios and Ayacucho can hear our program.

Interestingly, over 90% of our patients come from just these areas. This has resulted in enormous synergy effects. The radio program supports the work of the hospital, the school, the children’s clubs and the implementation of our festivals. Mysteriously, a great whole has emerged from these pieces of the puzzle. /KDJ

Settings at the satellite antenna on a mountain outside Puno
Doris Manco in the center of the picture. Isaac Panez is on the right. On the left the guard Don Percy and his wife.
Diospi Suyana owns 12 FM frequencies in southern Peru. Eleven stations are already broadcasting. The left yellow dot shows the big city of Ayacucho. We hope to finish building the transmitter there in two months.
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