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This man needs to be replaced! But how?

Slider Michael Friedemann

He led the metal and wood workshops, the vehicle park, the kitchen, the cleaning service…

It is said that everyone is replaceable. With Michael Friedemann, one must ponder if this saying is really true.  In a few weeks, Michael and Annett Friedemann, along with their four children, will return to Sachsen, Germany.  The past three years have flown by very fast!  We are urgently looking for a capable successor.

Perhaps you as readers know exactly the right person for the job.  Or perhaps you know someone in your circle of contacts who has two right hands.  Our employees usually come to Peru for 3 years.  They are committed Christians and live by their own donor group.  Considerable financial loss and a lot of inconvenience often goes along with the job description.  This profession that takes place at nearly 9000 feet above sea level often puts your faith into practice.