The question is not if, but when

Cotopaxi mit Schwefelwolke slider
Eruption of Cotopaxi

From 1998 to 2003, my wife and I worked as missionary doctors in Ecuador. The road from the capital Quito to Shell City, where the Hospital Vozandes del Oriente was, took us right past the volcano Cotopaxi. Often we gazed reverently up at its 5,897-meter summit crater. In 1877, a violent eruption razed the city of Latacunga below to the ground. Since 1977, the volcano has slept peacefully, and nothing has pointed to further eruptions.

Cotopaxi mit frischem Schnee
The Cotopaxi is majestic and sublime, 50 km south of Quito.

But the question is not whether the volcano will erupt again, but when it will. 100 years may pass, or even 500 years, but eventually, it will become active again. Three days ago, it was time: Cotopaxi’s ash cloud rose to 14,000 meters above sea level.

I mean, our faith in Jesus Christ is quite similar. Many find it hard to imagine his return. The Apostle’s Creed states: “…from thence He shall come to judge the living and the dead…”

2000 years have passed since his ascension. But his promise is true: “I’ll be back!” The question is not if, but when. Are we ready? / KDJ

Cotopaxi Explosion slider
Eruption on August 14, 2015.