The media center has reached its desired height

Die Schaltafeln werden per manuellem Krank nach oben transportiert slider
The weekly report from civil engineer Johannes Bahr

Dear Diospi Suyana friends and readers of the building report, while Europe has been having a record heat wave, it has been raining in Curahuasi, and feeling like 10°C. For August, this weather is very rare. Although the plants will be pleased, I am less so; building projects go much slower when everything is wet.

Nevertheless, the formwork for the last ceiling is ready, and we have just begun to lay the rebar. The edge form is attached. Until we can really tackle the concreting job with the concrete crane, this is what we will be focused on. The plumbing and electrical conduits also need to be installed.

As soon as we have concreted the attic ceiling, we can begin work on the interior. Until then, a little rain does not bother us much.

Have a beautiful and blessed week, Johannes

Das Feintuning der Stuetzenhoehe slider
The fine tuning of the restraint height.
Die Randschalung wird  befestigt slider
The edge form is attached.
Die Schalung steht slider
The formwork.
Eisenstaebe werden hochgezogen slider
Iron rods are pulled.
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