At PWC in Eindhoven – a case of GSI

A first for this company

Eindhoven in The Netherlands. At 4 p.m. 30 people assembled in PWC’s conference room. Working globally this auditing company continually strives to get the crème de la crème to join its teams. But today in the Dutch city the company is saying farewell to one of its employees, Steven de Jager. After four years at the company Steven, his wife, Victoria, and their children, Leah and Olivia, will be heading to Peru in November. (Centre of the picture). Steven is willingly exchanging his good and regular salary for a salary made up entirely of donations. For his colleagues, who are all financial experts, this must appear to be a GSI: “greatest stupidity imaginable.”

After the welcome address given by one of PWC’s directors, Dr Klaus John explained about Diospi Suyana. For an hour 30 Dutchmen and -women focus solely on the PowerPoint slides shown on the screen. The known rules of economic normalities seem to be suspended. A project of a double-digit million sum was started without a secure budget. It does not have a view to profit, but instead has people, who have impressive qualifications, who are willing to make not only one massive sacrifice.

The long applause after the talk spoke for itself. The colleagues greatly respect Steven and Victoria for what they are about to embark on. Beforehand they already collected €2,500 for family de Jager. In a capitalist society this seems to be sheer folly. But the listeners sitting on the comfy chairs gained an inkling that our world would be a more friendly and brighter place, if more people lived like them: giving rather than demanding.

The missionary doctor from Peru started his presentation with a quote from a Palestinian itinerant preacher: “I have come to give sight to the blind and to set the captives free!” And because of that Nazarene missionaries from across the globe work in Peru: Steven de Jager is about to join that group. Miracles keep on happening; against all trends and without ulterior motives. God speed Steven and Victoria!

Steven de Jager’s colleagues hear and see where he is off to.
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