In between thermal bath and Inka stone

Haltestelle Curahuasi slider
Taxi station: Curahuasi- Why?

At the entrance of the village Curahuasi is the official stop for taxis and mini buses. They bring people from both directions of the Panamericana into this place, that isn’t a village anymore but is still missing the flair of a town. Whoever picks this abandoned nest as a travel destination must have a good reason.

The organization of the taxi drivers has put the three most important tourist attractions on a banner. In 2000m the thermal baths of Coconoc are waiting for the bathing friend. After the mini bus fought its way up the Serpentines many passengers get out at 2,600m. They walk the last kilometer to the hospital Diospi Suyana.

Only a few find the way to a sculpture from the Inka time, that is located in the village Saywite at over 3,500m.
Most patients come from distant regions. On their journey they cover a philosophic trip. They travel to the state Apurimac. The name means in Quechua:” Where God speaks”.

Finally they make it to Curahuasi. Curar=healing, Huasi=house. That means that there is a house in this place where one heals. Then in the morning people stand in a long line in front of a hospital that is called “Diospi Suyana”. That expression can be translated with the double meaning: “We trust in God” and “God is waiting for you”.

Did you ever go into a hospital with the expectation to have a rendezvous with God? At Diospi Suyana that is possible. Since October 2007 in approximately 2,100 church services 400,000 people (patients and relatives) have heard the message of faith, hope and love.

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