Woman Nearly Bleeds to Death After Giving Birth

1pm Thursday : An ambulance pulls up to the hospital’s main door and 5 men jumped out. They carry in Marcia (name changed), a 42yr old woman who has just given birth to their 7th child. Marcia looks as white as a sheet and she lies in a pool of blood. They have been unable to stop her hemorrhaging after childbirth.

This is a clear case for Dr Jens Hassfeld, our gynecologist. Marcia is rushed to the Operating Room where the race is on to stop the bleeding and remove the placenta. Having achieved this, Dr Hassfeld sews up several cervical tears and the bleeding finally comes to a stop.

The operation has been an all-round success. But the trouble continues when the patient fails to begin breathing spontaneously after the operation has ended. Anesthesiologist, Tove Hohaus puts all her training into action to save the mother’s life. Neither the cardiac ultrasound nor the x-ray shows any signs of a pulmonary embolus.

Two hours pass by and finally the patient is stabilized in the ICU of Diospi Suyana. An incredible story – almost too good to be true!

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