Surgical Teams Helps Quechua Woman

Forty-five year old Quechua woman, Luisa, has suffered for the past year with severe abdominal pain. Although she had given birth to 9 children, only 6 were still living. She had no money to visit a doctor, but in desperation she came to consult with Dr. Daniel Zeyse. He diagnosed her with an inflamed gallbladder containing several gallstones.

There were also several stones in the bile duct that connects the gallbladder to the duodenum. Two days ago Luisa underwent surgery in Hospital Diospi Suyana with Dr. Zeyse and Professor Ferguson (from the USA). After removing the gallbladder, they still found 25 stones in the bile duct!

Diospi Suyana’s charity fund will pay for the cost of Luisa’s surgery. She is making an excellent recovery and is looking forward to returning home to take on the responsibility of her family again.

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