Why is the Diospi Suyana Youth Festival so important?

It’s about meaning, faith and enthusiasm

The contract is signed and now it’s official. The Mexican rock formation “Rojo” will give the first concert of the Youth Festival on Wednesday, April 26. The Mexicans have been on the road in Latin America for over 20 years in terms of Christian rock music. They have long since become a legend in their field. They served as a model for hundreds of other groups.

We will invite in the schools and universities. And canvass the hedgerows and squares. Five days with hopefully 3000 young people will be a very special experience. Many of our employees are investing a lot of know-how and enthusiasm in these weeks so that the spark will fly at the end of April.

Music at a professional level, camping in a giant tent city in the sight of a massive mountain range and an unforgettable community experience. But why all this? Are we just looking for mega fun?

We hope that the festival will clarify for many young people a very specific question: “Why am I actually here?” – Without God, according to the new atheists, we would be just a speck of dust in the universe with no goal or purpose. A random product without sense and meaning. But if the man on the cross was really who he claimed to be – God’s outstretched hand of friendship – then my life is worth an incredible amount. His love finally lets me breathe. And the empty grave three days later gives me and all of us the firm confidence of eternal life.

Let’s summarize: Forgiveness, orientation, love, security and hope. Everyone who is under 30 years old is longing for exactly this package. And let’s face it. Even for the centenarians, there is nothing better. /KDJ

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