Communication problems

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Tabea Seiler helps as a speech therapist in the Diospi Suyana school

During this year, the school team has a new expert: Tabea Seiler. During day in, day out school life, we observe that even the older classes are insecure in reading, writing and verbal expression. The fundamentals for these abilities are laid during the Kindergarden ages.

In these development ages, the children learn to divide words into syllables and to rhyme. They are encouraged to listen very carefully and to practice recounting. Facial expression games are a further learning activity in this development.

Sadly, a lot of Peruvian children receive little support in their homes due to lack of education of their parents or available study material. With these deficiencies, the normal kindergarden program isn’t sufficient to teach the basics of English.

In most of the student’s cases, an additional aid in the form of speech therapy is necessary. The cooperation of the parents is important, but it is very hard to attain in Curahuasi. The children continue to receive supervision even after their school hours. The verbal stimulation helps the affected children to appear more self-confident even to the point of approaching other people.

The children participate in the speech therapy program with enthusiasm and are even more excited with their progress! The speech therapy demand is a lot greater than we can currently cover. For the fortunate ones though, it is great that the offer at least exists for some students to work with Tabea. (CB)

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