Christmas in the hospital

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Patients and nurses have to be inside

They smile into the camera as if they just won prize. This although it is Christmas and the nurses Sarah, Tania and Bettina have to work on the intensive care unit. You can read Feliz Navidad (Merry Christmas) on the wall. Of course it is not that great to work long shifts in the hospital during the holidays, but at least the three of them are healthy.

Their two patients in intensive care, on the other hand, are fighting to survive. The clinical parameters of the last days fortunately display an improvement of physical status. The two sick come from the state of Puno. Thus their families live at least ten hours away from the mission’s hospital.

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Two patients fight for their life in the intensive care unit.

The litttle boy lying in bed urgently needs antibiotics following  a large boil being removed from his leg a few days ago. His mum and dad are thankful that their son’s condition is finally improving.

His condition (and complaints) had developed over a month before his parents took him to a hospital in Cusco, however, no medical treatment plan was started there. In desperation, the parents travelled many hours with their son to the hospital Diospi Suyana in Curahuasi.

Our Christmas wish for the three of them and all the other patients in the hospital is a fast recovery. Of course we thank our nurses for their diligent effort and care as well over the Christmas period.

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Mom, Dad and son in the hospital for Christmas.
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