It was lunchtime when she finally woke up

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A girl on the run

When old people die it is sad and it is tragic when young people are ripped away during their prime of life.  But it is far worse when young people actively search for ways to end their lives.  More often than not it is a sudden irrational act driven by short-lived emotions.  Lovesickness, family stress, drug addiction or indebtedness – the only feeling that remains is one of utter hopelessness.

Two nights ago a seventeen year old was rushed in Diospi Suyana’s A+E.  40 tablets of a strong antispasmodic quickly provided the desired result: the girl fell into a coma and spent the more than half a day in our intensive care unit.  After 15 hours she finally opened her eyes.

She will soon return however, into exactly those same social surroundings from which she had hoped she could escape from forever.  This patient needs more than oxygen and medication.  She yearns for a hope that can carry her through her darkest hours.  It goes without saying that the hospital chaplain will speak with her and that she will hear Jesus Christ’s words: “Come to me all you who are weary and heavy laden; I will give you rest!”

All the staff working at the missionary hospital believe that these words are more than just empty phrases.  Do you want to test Christ’s promise for yourself?  A prayer is the first step on this journey. /KDJ

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