“Give it a try – pray!”

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A Headmaster’s Story

On May 22, 2014, Dr. John gave three lectures at the Free Christian School in Frankfurt.  Around noon that same day, he talked with the headmaster Michael Hetterich.  “We are building a new Christian school in Frankfurt and would like to buy the neighboring land, but we just don’t have the money.”  The mission director of Diospi Suyana replied with these words. “Don’t stop. Pray vigorously!” was his suggestion.

Last night the two met again at a presentation in Darmstadt.  “Dr. John, we did it, just as you advised us at the time.”  Mr. Hetterich reminded the German-Peruvian. “We have been praying regularly for a solution and always have had Diospi Suyana in mind!”

“Interesting.  And how is the current situation?”

“The owner of the neighboring land suddenly gave us an offer nearly one million euros below the market price.  Yet we still didn’t have the money.  However, then the bank gave us some amazing conditions on a loan.  Now we have the land!”

“That pleases me to hear.” replied Dr. John.  “God answers prayers in Peru, and He can do the same in Germany!”

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