At the Company Sanitarbau Grumbach

Slider Muenchholzhausen

As if it were the first time

The company Sanitarbau Grumbach in Munchholzhausen, Wetzlar had kindly offered a multipurpose hall free of charge.  The organizers already suspected that the space might be a little tight.  One-hundred five chairs were set up, yet many still had to find space standing along the edges and in the corridor.

The missionary doctor gave his lecture number 2004, but he tried to give it as if it were the first time.  In the end he transposed the story of Diospi Suyana to the hearts of the listeners.

Is it not interesting that the story of a hospital and school can change the outlook and even the worldview of people thousands of miles away in Europe?  If you want to see the evidence for yourself, come to one of the next lectures in Germany, Austria, Belgium, or Switzerland.

Many thanks to Emil Grumbach, Bernd Platz and his wife for the lovely and organized evening.

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