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Road casualties in Peru and in Germany – a comparison

Incredible facts

Yesterday 75km north of Lima a bus full of passengers crashed through the embankment and fell into the depths.  First estimates state that 36 passengers lost their lives.  In Peru roughly 8 people die through traffic accidents every day; this makes roughly 3,000 casualties a year; the same figure as in Germany.  But what do these facts tell us?

Compared to 44 million vehicles on Germany’s roads there are only 3 million on Peru’s.  This means the risk is 15 times higher in Peru.

The reasons are manifold.  Hundreds of thousands of drivers do not have a driving license.  Statistics say that alone in Lima 0.6 million mototaxi-drivers ferry passengers without a license!  Further reasons for the sad Peruvian figure are worn tires, brakes that no longer function properly, speeding, drunk-driving and the bad condition of the roads.

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