Invaluable contacts

The visit of the Deputy Minister for Communications

In many countries the Ministry for Transport and Communications is often a paired ministry.  In Peru it is led by one minister and two deputies.  Everyone who wants to obtain a radio or TV-license needs, at the end of a marathon of bureaucratic procedures, the signature of the Deputy Minister for Communications.

For Diospi Suyana it was a special honour to show the Deputy Minister for Communications our media centre during our 10th anniversary celebrations.  Carlos Rafael Valdez Velásquez was impressed by the equipment he saw in our media centre.  It goes without saying that he was shown around the Hospitals Diospi Suyana and that he also heard the President’s praise for our missionary work.

In a country like Peru where you can wait years before finally getting a licence, having personal contacts to key decision makers is worth their weight in gold.  Indeed we often pray for open doors to the rooms of those in power and to the hearts of senior civil servants.

Carlos Valdez Velásquez‘s journey was by no means a matter of course.  He had to fly to Cusco and then travel three hours by car through the mountains.  His personal interest in Diospi Suyana is a gift from heaven.  We hope that during his tenure we will be able to obtain all the certificates we still need for our media network.

The Deputy Minister for Communications (centre) standing between Doris Manco and Dr John.
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