Three images from three fields of work

Work is being done and planned

The sun has disappeared on the horizon. Countless lights shine on the slopes of the city of Cusco. More than 40 antenna towers stand silently on the mountain in the background. One of these plants beams “the best news for the world” into the evening sky. In the metropolis of Cusco, more than 400,000 people can listen to the Diospi Suyana program – around the clock.

In one of the six operating rooms, vascular surgeon Dr. Thomas Tielmann performs a delicate procedure. The patient’s dialysis shunt has an aneurysm – a pathological enlargement. Through surgery, the mission doctor manages to preserve the shunt. In southern Peru, he may be the only one to offer such an operation.

The Diospi Suyana School is growing. The number of students is constantly increasing. As adjacent sites around the school are surveyed and sold as building lots, action is needed. Because if you don’t think about the future of the Colegio today, you’ll be too late tomorrow.

Dr. Tielmann repairs a dialysis shunt.
The Diospi Suyana School needs more space. Measurements behind the gymnasium
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