The crystal clear message in the morning

And for Karina Pereyra there was no stopping her

She painted the text with red and even outlined the sentence part “para convocar a un festival!”. Here, someone is obviously reading the Bible like a medical student reads his textbook. The third verse of the 81st Psalm prompted Karina Pereyra to send a WhatsApp and then pack her bags.

For several years, the dynamic young woman worked in the hospital’s administration. We always remembered her for her dedication and flexibility.

Comes October 25, 2022. Dr. Klaus John and Doris Manco, the head of our media center, are out in the mountains. “Klaus,” Doris said, “we really need a capable person for our festival office!” – A pause ensued.

“I’ll call Karina right now, maybe she’s up for such a challenge,” I answer rather spontaneously.

Karina now lives in the capital Lima and has an attractive job in a government ministry. There is no reason for them to pull up stakes. Especially since many of her relatives and friends also live in Lima.

That’s when her cell phone rings, “Karina, we need you in Curahuasi for a few years to prepare for our festivals!”

The conversation is short. Not a word too much or too little.

Karina thinks. A committed Christian, she prays about every life decision and asks God for His guidance.

The next morning she opens the Bible. So, since she read Psalm 80 the day before, today it is Psalm 81’s turn. When she arrives at the 3rd verse, she suddenly knows what God wants from her. “There it is written in black and white “organize a festival” and as the first verse puts it, it is to be a festival for the glory of God.

The rest of the story is anyone’s guess. Karina sweeps us all away with her passion. The successful leaflet is largely due to them. She is the prototype of a proactive employee. You don’t have to tell her anything, she has usually already grasped the key points and tackled them.

I think we all agree that a 4th book on the history of Diospi Suyana needs to be written. And it will truly not be a thin booklet, but a thick record of God’s reality. There are many different Bible translations of the Spanish language. As far as we know, the NTV (Nuevo Traducción viviente) is the only Bible that uses the word “festival” at this point. /KDJ

Read your Bible like this, too. Karina not only reads the text, she literally inhales it.

Perhaps you would like to see God actin in your life as he did in Karina’s. But would you be prepared to live your faith in God so radically as she did? Pereyra?

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