Strategical thinking for a Media Center

Mit Jesus und Kameramann

Always with the request for Gods’ Blessing

Only a few more months and the dream of “Diospi Suyana- Radio TV” could be a reality. Since our planning began we are moving forward, step by step. It is good to work with experts throughout this process. The two men in the upper left of the photo are absolute professionals. They have 15-19 years of experience in the media world.

1. The building is standing: The TV studio is not big, but big enough. 2 radio studios, conference room, offices, server room and further necessary ambient offer good working conditions for the future.

2. Furnishing of the rooms: The outside walls are just a shell. What is inside is much more important. Cameras, mixing consoles, studio lights, microphones and computers must be bought.

3. Antennas and frequencies: Our media center has 3 licenses with which we could possibly reach 300,000 listeners. This area could also grow. The antennas and transmitters are already ordered.

4. Transporting the information from the studios to the antennas: The best program must first be broadcasted, but how? There are different possibilities. A fast internet connection is one option, and a satellite connection the other.

5. The staff: Producers, cameramen, news anchors, technicians, and further employees are still missing. At this time, the team consists of 5 experts in the area of Radio and TV. In June around 10 people should be helping with the preparation of the contents of the program.

6. Because the program is the key to success. The best equipment does no good, if the people in the transmission area think the program sent out is boring or amateurish.

The hospital Diospi Suyana and the Diospi-Suyana school stand for absolute quality. It is our hope, that our media center can reach a similar standard. Not from one day to the next, but within 5 years.

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The cameras, professional or semi-professional? A two-fisted price comparison from the internet shows the equipment in the USA.
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