Starting the Second Year

Tribuene Schule

The colorful school life began again today at Colegio Diospi Suyana

At 8:00 it finally happened; the students flocked to the school gym to celebrate the beginning of another school year. Prayer, devotion, a short speech by Dr. John, the national anthem, and instruments prepared us for a new school year.  The most important part of the worship was thanking God for his help and the renewed confidence to set the school’s foundation on Him.

Today was also the time to introduce the parents to the staff to which they entrust their children. The team now consists of 11 Peruvians, 5 Germans, and 2 Americans, 1 Hungarian, and 1 Austrian.  It is noteworthy that three foreign missionaries take the position of professor in their respective grades. Lilli Warkentin, after her home leave, will again teach 2nd grade, Manuela Trinker will teach the first year of secundaria (7th grade), and Christian Bigalke the second year of secundaria (8th grade).

During the month of January we were able to teach some “summer classes” to those students that needed extra help.  Many that did not pass the school year before received the opportunity to pass the various subjects needed to continue with their friends.  In addition, during the holiday months many came for English or music classes.

In February the teachers had 4 weeks to prepare for their work with the students. They attended math training, had many meetings, did some lesson planning, prepared the classrooms, and had a weekend of spiritual emphasis that united the team.  This was all done to increase the quality of the teaching and provide a holistic Christian education for the children of Curahuasi.

Now its time to put it all into practice and help the many new students adjust to the routine.  Punctuality, discipline, school services, morning prayers, order in the classroom, and personal hygiene are a few of the standing issues that our educators want to confront with a passion this year. Please pray with us that the teachers will be, in all these areas, good role models and continually share God’s love with the children and their families.

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