So we managed the impossible

Key Person Helene Fischer

Of course, the action on Friday, January 27 was pure madness. We wanted to bring seven members of a family, 5 of them in the city of Cusco, to Curahuasi to conclude a sales contract. Southern Peru was completely paralyzed by a network of roadblocks and pickets. The clashes between strikers and armed units of the central government had already left 500 injured and 50 dead. But since the youth festival was getting closer and closer and we absolutely needed this property as a camping site for the young people, we put all our eggs in one basket.

Louis Fischer, administrative director of the hospital, had somehow made his way to Cusco to tick off an important official business. In the midst of the political chaos, my call reached him. Within two minutes, the battle plan was in place. Louis skipped his appointment and instead borrowed a car for 7 people. Then he gathered up the potential sellers and started on the long road west. From Curahuasi, Pit Werner and I drove out to meet him in the four-wheel drive. Pit would put all his driving skills to the test in those hours.

Why did this hussar stroke work out in the end, despite scree slopes on the roads, agitated campesinos and the enormous time pressure? Why was even the bank willing to process the necessary financial transactions after the official opening time? I heard the answer after my lecture in Lehrte on May 22.

Helene Fischer (above left), mother of Louis, referred to that fateful Friday in conversation. “Klaus, when Louis described the seriousness of the situation to me, I acted immediately. I called relatives, friends and acquaintances. After all, 85 people prayed for you along the way!”

I nodded and thanked him nicely. A story for the 4th book about Diospi Suyana. For God, blockades, violent conflicts in South American provinces and an unsolvable time factor are not real problems. But the Bible tells us to pray for His intervention. At the end of January, we experienced the power of 85 prayers live in the heat of what was – from a human point of view – a hopeless battle. /KDJ

Already on January 31, more than 20 workers moved to the site. They built walls, built gates and laid grass. One day before the festival, everything that needed to stand was there. And hundreds of boys moved into their tents.

Two cars separated by many roadblocks.
The plot offered space for camping 2 and camping 3 to the left of the path. Without this site, the festival could not have taken place like this.

(Legend: The young lady in the center of the picture above is Janne Bühne. She will join the hospital in the fall as a master optometrist).

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