A little girl with colicky pain

And a pediatrician who knows what he is doing

Friday evening: Little Luz was crying and didn’t want to eat anymore. What the three-year-old described was colicky pain. The hours passed and it just didn’t get any better. Finally, her mom brought her to Diospi Suyana Hospital on Saturday morning.

Dr. Simon Then diagnosed an intussusception on ultrasound. In this case, the end of the small intestine had advanced into the colon. Result: obstruction of the bowel and severe pain, which increased considerably with the rhythmic movements of the bowel.

Our pediatrician knew what to do. Through a catheter, he fills the colon with a good 2 L of a saline solution. The pressure enabled him to push back the small intestine. The ultrasound check in the evening showed normal conditions. Now hopefully Luz can sleep well again.

Red arrow: large intestine wall; yellow arrow inverted small intestine. A typical cocard phenomenon in ultrasound.
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