An eighteen hour struggle for survival

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6:30 Saturday night an alcoholic is brought into to the hospital. The last six months of his life mainly took place in a Chicheria (Bar). He has severe abdominal pain and every hour he’s clinically worse. Investigations and treatment measures are in full swing. The probable diagnosis: An inflammation of the pancreas.

During the night he developed septic shock. Efforts continued in the ICU. As monitors continually show critical values. A downward spiral began. On Sunday afternoon at 12:30 clock the patient went into cardiac arrest. The resuscitation efforts were in vain. Finally, the screen displayed a zero line. He has passed away. In the case of the employees, exhaustion was spreading. In the waiting room on could hear the crying relatives.

The saying from the Bible that tells us, a man reaps what he has sown, has come true. Nevertheless, it is unspeakably sad when a 39-year-old father dies. The marketing experts, who advertise alcohol in the Peruvian highlands, were not there that night. No even the Veteran who says a real man must properly drink.

The victims are the patients themselves, family members, and the medical staff who have given everything. Our world is not perfect. Seduction and deception, lukewarm resolutions and financial interests characterize. We need a change in thought and action. A transformation of the heart by the power of God.

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