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Radio Diospi Suyana

Saying farewell to six dear members of staff

A moving Advent party with all the frills

Festive and creative.  Honour and respect for six members of staff about to leave Diospi Suyana.  The hope that the Ancient of Days will be our friends’ companion throughout their lives stood over everything.  Social worker Debora Centner, operational-technical-assistant Mechthild Pochert, teacher Helene Friesen, Dr Patricia Almeida de la Cruz and last but by no means least Udo and Barbara Klemenz have all contributed to Diospi Suyana’s history.

The advent setting reminded all of us once again that God has not forgotten us.  He will ensure that we will get new members of staff both for the hospital and the school.  In the western world many people have actively distanced themselves from or actively criticise any sort of piousness, but one thing is sure: during their time in Curahuasi these six volunteers made great personal sacrifices by helping people in need as an expression of their faith in God.  Following Jesus is not just a buzz word, but is radically practical and extends right into one’s private bank account.

That is the only way the Christian Faith can convince in a secular world./KDJ

Missionary doctors Doro and David Brady conducted a choir that sang the Klemenz a farewell song.
Marion Hofmann recited a poem about our staff that she had written herself.
Cordial words for Debora Centner from head of school Christian Bigalke. The social worker invested five years of her life for Diospi Suyana.
Dra Patricia Almeida De la Cruz (left) is returning to Lima.  She was the first Peruvian missionary doctor who worked for our hospital.  Her church in Lima paid her salary.
Over the past three years operational-technical-assistant Mechthild Pochert delivered high-quality work in the operating theatres.
Teacher Helene Friesen (on the screen) as seen during a special event on foreign cuisine.  The colleagues, children and their parents will sorely miss Helene.
Udo and Barbara Klemenz spent a total of ten years in Curahuasi.  Among other gifts they were given two large guinea pigs in colourful traditional costumes.