On the short official path

So that the application goes through and quickly

In 1953, molecular biologists James Watson and Francis Crick decoded the double helix structure of DNA. In 2023 – 70 years later – Diospi Suyana’s orthopedic workshop printed the model for the Diospi Suyana School’s biology class. Christian Haupt and Daniel Müller performed this work quickly, cleanly and neatly. Certainly the extremely short official channels helped, because bio-teacher Christina Haupt (top center) is married to Christian, a master orthopedic technician.

One of the very great discoveries in biology

The Orthopedics team wrote: “Due to the generous donation of filaments for the 3D printer from Material 4 Print, we were able to print a large DNA double helix model, which the students and biology teacher Christina Haupt are very excited about.

Thus, students can interactively learn to assign the 4 different base pairs and put them in the right place in the 3D model…!”

Christian Haupt recognizes clear synergy effects in this project and explains the advantages for the students: “Digital natives is the name of the new generation:

Digital natives

According to the Duden dictionary, digital natives are people “who have grown up with digital technologies” and are “proficient” in their use. This description does not make the mistake of portraying digital natives as competent and knowledgeable users in every respect. Because just like digital immigrants (i.e., people who have only become acquainted with digital media in the course of their lives), digital natives who have been trained from an early age must constantly face new challenges in technology and programs and learn new things.

A big thank you again to the company Material 4 Print from Löhne.

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