Major donation for the Diospi Suyana Youth Festival 2024

These are the necessary requirements

In ten months, the 2nd Diospi Suyana Youth Festival is just around the corner. This time we hope for 3,000 participants in the big tent city and 4,000 visitors at each of the five evening concerts. And there is good news to report.

A Peruvian family from Lima has donated a six-figure amount in soles for the organization of the next big festival. Earmarked, of course. So whether we like it or not the mega event is now on the agenda. The storage house for the tents behind the hospital is almost ready to store the quality tents dry and clean.

A number of details are currently being carried out at the three campgrounds to make the 2024 camping experience even better.

And of course we hope for the cooperation of the Saxons around Michael Mörl and Michael Friedemann. (See picture above). Nobody can set up tents as well as our friends from Bautzen and the surrounding area. If they don’t want to come voluntarily, then we will come and get them. Five big musclemen with dark sunglasses and a strange accent should be enough to convince. And in no time at all, there is another tent city in Curahuasi. /KDJ

The warehouse for the tents is 60 m2. The only things missing are the windows, the door and the shelves.
Campsite 3. On the lower site we have space for 500 young people.
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