Looking For Your Support

During the course of 2008 we have received over $600,000 worth of donations from several companies in Germany. The 16th container (currently located in the port of Callao, Peru) contains equipment valued at $360,000. It was packed with tender love and care in Germany in order to withstand the long journey to South America and the subsequent 1000km overland trip within Peru itself. In order to avoid damage to the delicate equipment, I had urgently requested Mrs. Gloria Luque, Director of Customs for Sea Freight, to allow this container to be inspected after its arrival at the hospital. In spite of this, yesterday the container was completely emptied and numerous crates were opened.

Unfortunately, a wheel was broken off the Endoscopy machine when a crate fell out of the hands of one of the workers. It still remains to be seen if any more serious damage has been done, after the equipment arrives at the hospital in a week’s time. Hospital Diospi Suyana is a non-profit organization with the goal of helping to poorest people of this Andean country. For this reason, we here at Diospi Suyana are not at all in agreement with the treatment we have received from the Customs Authorities.

Even after 15 television reports, approximately 40 printed press articles (with an estimated 1 million readership) and the fact that the President’s wife is the Godmother of the hospital, still the authorities show themselves to be uncooperative.

If you would like to help us in expressing your opinion, you can write an email in English, German or Spanish to the Director of Customs for Sea Freight, Mrs. Gloria Luque: gluque@aduanet.gob.pe.

Please send a copy also to


Mr. Martin Huancas at: “mhuancas@comercio.com.pe” and

Mr. Renato Canales at “rcanales@frecuenciatv.com.pe”

A short letter will be sufficient, but it is important that you mention “Diospi Suyana” in the context of the letter. We are hoping that 500 people will take part in this action and that your emails will help us prevent these kinds of problems in the future.

A very warm thank you for your support in this matter.

Klaus Dieter John

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