Looking for new staff

For Hospital, School and Media Centre

Diospi Suyana’s team is made up of roughly 260 members of staff, 50 of which are missionaries from overseas who are financed by a private circle of friends and initially spend three years in Curahuasi, though 50% lengthen their stint in Peru.  As every missionary station Diospi Suyana is constantly looking for new volunteers.  All volunteer-helpers live an active Christian life.  Having arrived in Peru each new member of staff spends 4-6 months learning Spanish: for the Hospital and the Media Centre B1-language-level, for teaching staff C1-language-level is required.

Currently and for the near future we are looking for the following colleagues:


Hospital / Dental Clinic

– anaesthetists, internists, intensive care physicians
– dental technicians, dental assistants, dentists
– speech therapists, operational technical assistants, medical technical assistants
– administrative staff and upper management
– staff for the areas of house technic, logistics and head of the workshop


– teachers and tutors for all subjects
– caretaker

Media Centre

– media technicians for radio and TV


Should you be interested in joining our team in Peru, please contact our home office:

Tel: +49-6447-886498 /E-Mail: karin.strassheim@diospi-suyana.org

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