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Unexpected help is always the nicest

In hard times

For the months from March to June it was nearly impossible for patients living in other States to reach the Hospital Diospi Suyana.  Due to the curfew the number of patients crashed by up to 80% for a while.  But the salaries of our 217 Peruvian members of staff had to be paid all the same.  In order to prepare the hospital for the Corona-crisis we were forced to make large investments.

Thus our income fell shorter and shorter off the amount we needed to cover our costs.  Thanks to all of Diospi Suyana’s faithful friends we have been able to keep all our staff.  The financial development in June and July looks very encouraging.

Over the past four weeks Diospi Suyana has received three large financial supports totally out of the blue.  One reached us from South Peru’s Mining Company that is part of “Grupo México”.  The second came from the World Medical Mission from the USA and the largest amount was transferred by a couple living in Eastern Germany who had heard a talk given by the missionary doctors John years ago.

Today is the right moment to thank all our financial supporters; many, but not all, of whom are devout Christians like us.  Over the years Diospi Suyana has received financial support from Jews, Buddhists, Muslims, Agnostics and Atheists.  (S)He who might be surprised at this should be reminded of the fact that the second Jewish Temple in Jerusalem was financed by Persian taxes.  The story can be found in the Book of all Books.  God can choose any strategy he likes. /KDJ

For many years now the World Medical Mission has supported Diospi Suyana with doctors; this time it helped financially.