Now colours are coming into play


The new hospital extension looks good

Dear Friends, I do not have much to report this week. The tillers are busy with doing the finishing touches to the roof (the gutters, the coverings, drainpipes).  The rest of us were very busy tidying up:  removing the construction waste, cleaning the formwork panels and timber beams and getting all the nails out of them, removing hundreds of rounded eucalyptus beams and storing them for the next big construction project.

For many of the work force the ‘fizz has gone’, as most of the crew are leaving us at the end of this month.  The remaining workers are busy with the laborious inner plastering.  Just as when we were laying the bricks the plasterwork for the many small washrooms and the washbasin niches will be the most time intensive.  We are filling the patient wards constructed in the first stage of construction.  I wish you a blessed weekend, Udo

The dismantling of the building barracks.
The casing materials are being taken down…
… and are placed into storage.
Intensive care unit and the conference rooms will be built using lightweight partition walls.
Plastering work
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