In front of 150 witnesses: a social pedagogue and an internist bail out

Of course with her three children

A good 150 visitors sit in the church service of the Free Evangelical Church in Witten. Your attention is drawn to five people who make the following statement at the front: We are going to Peru!

The young family of dad, mom and three kids could finally settle down and take it down a notch after the stress of the past few years. Svenja has had her internal medicine residency in the bag for a few months now. Was that stress? You bet. Oh yes, she also gave birth to a son this year. This was truly no small feat. Her husband Tobias, an experienced social pedagogue, could now aim for the usual goals in the interest of his loved ones: House, car and vacation. But instead, the signs are pointing to a new dawn.

The Vanheidens have been following the development of Diospi Suyana for a good 10 years. They have read the three books and, of course, have heard various lectures about the work in Peru. Now they see themselves challenged.

From left to right: daughter Jael, Svenja, son Aaron, Tobias with Levi on his arm

They will soon give up their cozy penthouse in Witten. If their circle of supporters is full in the spring, they plan to get on a plane. “He who helps the poor honors God!” was how the doctor had put it in the morning service. Then she had added: “But we also have a sense of adventure!”

An arduous path lies ahead of them. But it is this personal commitment that translates faith in God from an unworldly theory into real life practice. Faith in action is convincing and that is why the many women and men on the chairs breathlessly listen to every word she says.

May God preserve, bless and encourage them. And the parents or grandparents back home, of course. /KDJ

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