Another radio tower is being built at 3,847 m

This would be already the 11th transmitter of Diospi Suyana

Doris Manco, the director of the Diospi Suyana Media Center, is tireless. Yesterday, she and a team again explored the high ridge of the Imillay. Since Diospi Suyana won the vote in the village community last Saturday, the work on the mountain can begin.

This is exactly the place where our tower will stand in the future.

In plain language, this means that parallel to the tower in the city of Cusco, we also want to advance the plant in the province of Anta. In December we will also look for a place in the big city of Ayacucho. By the end of February, we would be broadcasting over 12 frequencies. (Actual status today: 9 frequencies in operation)

In just six and a half years, Diospi Suyana’s radio channel has grown from humble beginnings to an impressive chain of towers in southern Peru. A good 50% of the residents of five states will soon live within the catchment area of our radio program. Simply fantastic. Interestingly, most of our patients also come from precisely these regions.

There would still be room for our plant on this ridge.
Four iron bars mark our square of 100 x 100 meters.
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