Global Crossing doubles its support

The story began in a small shop in Lima in February of 2006. Dr John needed to buy a data projector and in order to test the different models he showed the presentation about Diospi Suyana to the sales manager. What he didn’t notice was that the president of IMPSAT-PERU (a telecommunications company) was standing a corner of the store watching the whole thing. As a result of this, IMPSAT donated a satellite dish for Internet and phone access in the spring of 2006.

In the meantime, IMPSAT has been taken over by the company “Global Crossing”, but IMPSAT’s aid has by no means ended with this change. Today a new satellite dish was installed at the hospital giving us a total of 6 phone lines (open for international access) and an Internet connection twice as fast as our previous connection.

Two hours ago Mr. Passalacqua explained the new system to Dr John. All the hardware and software have been donated without a single cost to Diospi Suyana. This help from Global Crossing basically equates to an annual saving of $50,000 USD for Diospi Suyana’s mission hospital. In the words of Mr. Passalacqua “The most amazing thing about Diospi Suyana is how something that started so small could become such a big thing”.

We here know that everything that has happened in Diospi Suyana has only one explanation – God’s abundant blessing!

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