Everything’s Okay On The Construction Site

Dear Friends,

A week without anything really exciting or new to report is drawing to an end.

The ceiling of the ward’s west wing was covered with concrete. This took us 12 hours, quite a long time, since the concrete had to be transported in wheelbarrows around many obstacles.

The concreting of the upper parts of the chapel is turning out quite difficult and sometimes dangerous since we lack many proper tools and materials. Please pray that the construction of the house of God will be finished without any accidents.

Construction of the lab is moving along and we put in the supports for the doors and windows.

We will pour the concrete for he floors of the surgery building at the beginning of next week, after a new cement delivery. Due to the closure of a cement company in Juliaca, there is a cement shortage and we are trying to avoid construction slow down.

We have finished fencing the site and are work on the entrance gates. The walkways on the left and right side of the street leading up to the hospital are also moving along.

Well, this is it once more from the construction site.



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