Encounters in the far North

Middle of the night I look out the window. Everything is white! In the  morning I help Paul Spomer to sweep the snow off, from the car windows. From Grunthal, we drive around 70 km to the Mennonite Brethren Church in Winnipeg. My first presentation in Canada is to 110 listeners.  

In the evening, follows a second presentation in a church in Steinbach. The hall is full. Here I meet the nurse Bettina Markwart. Because of her, the trip to Canada came into being. In early January they will leave for Peru to participate for three years at the hospital. She is the first Canadian employee on the team.


After the presentation I am seated opposite to Victor Ebert. He and his daughter Priscilla tell me that they heard my speech five years ago near Bonn. We all three be full marvel at about this reunion in Canada. The pharmaceutical representatives would like to check whether his company could classify perhaps also in the list of donor companies. It would be the first donation of the land of the lonely forests, polar bears and moose. / KDJ

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