A church of superlatives


Even though it is not really that big

Over 200 people find a place to sit in the church of the Hospital Diospi Suyana.  50 more can follow the programme standing on the steps or in the entrance area.  Even though the capacity is so limited our multifunctional auditorium has its place firmly established among the most frequented churches in Peru.  2,200 services have been held here in the nine years of its existence and 0.4 million visitors have heard the Christian message of faith, hope and love.

We will never know how many listeners were comforted or found a new orientation or hope for their lives through our morning services.  Sadly, in other countries churches are now being used as cinemas or museums.  In Diospi Suyana we are thankful that we can say: our church has become too small.

The financial director of a political magazine recently made the following statement regarding this phenomenon: “It is impossible to explain Diospi Suyana with hard work.  An invisible power is behind it!”  In the rays of the setting sun falling into the auditorium we can get a glimpse of the majesty of “this invisible power”.

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