A normal routine shortly before 6pm

Tina Ehepaar Studentin

From diagnosis to proposed treatment

The waiting room is finally empty. The cleaning crew has pushed aside the chairs and are cleaning the floor. Dr. John is still working with patients in her exam room. A couple that has traveled nine hours by bus to Curahuasi. After a normal gastroscopy, laboratory, and ultrasound examinations, the diagnosis is clear — gallstones.

Wartesaal aufräumen
Tomorrow, patients again will fill the hospital, but for now, it’s time to clean up.

Dr. John inputs in the computer system a date for the removal of the gallbladder. Now the two can return home again. Two happy people on the bus. The reason for the pain is found and a definitive solution in view. But the two however, once again have to return back to Curahuasi. We wish a safe ride and a successful operation.

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