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Radio Diospi Suyana

A moving moment on a deathbed

Doris Manco’s father died yesterday at 7:04a.m.

Just after 5p.m. on Saturday Radio Diospi Suyana went on air in the Province Andahuaylas. In the valley beneath our aerials you can see the outskirts of the metropolis.  Each one of the 0.1 million inhabitants can now tune into 96.1FM: Radio Diospi Suyana.

A minute later Doris Manco, head of our Media Centre, messages the good news to her friends and family.  Her old father, lying in his bed in Lima and hardly able to move, hears his daughter’s voice out of his mobile’s loudspeaker.  It is clear that he will soon lose his battle against the cancer he has been fighting for a while.  But he still has his wits fully about him.  Doris’ enthusiasm that comes across in her WhatsApp message affects him too.  He is delighted!  Perhaps in this moment he experienced last great wave of emotion in his life.  For three years now he has encouraged his daughter again and again to work for Diospi Suyana in Curahuasi.  “That is exactly the right place for you to be,” he often said.

The sun was just rising the next morning, when he died.

Diospi Suyana wants to pass on the best message that exists via satellite and radio towers.  We do not simply want to provide entertainment or information.  Jesus says: “Whoever believes in me will live even when he dies!”  In the light of Doris Manco’s Dad this statement gets a special meaning.  The believing Christian, Armando Manco, will see his daughter again, and she him!  There is no better comfort than the words of Christ.

That is why the first Christians met on a Sunday for their services and not, as it is common for Jews, on a Saturday.  Jesus rose from his grave on the first day of the week.  Their encounter with the risen Jesus changed everything: their perspective of this life and the life the other side of death.  For this reason Jesus’ 11 Disciples were prepared to die as martyrs in Asia, Africa and Europe.  Thomas died in India, Peter in Italy, James in Jerusalem.

For over 2,000 years millions upon millions of people have put all their hope into this one occurrence: our Lord’s resurrection.  All of us at Diospi Suyana want to express our heartfelt sympathy to Doris and wait with her for Heaven! /KDJ

Archive photo taken on 2nd September 2016. Doris Manco stands in front of the logo of our Media Centre. Written exactly above her head are the words: “Con el mejor mensaje al mundo“, which translates as: “With the best message for the world!“