A glimpse behind the scenes

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Very special people made the journey possible

Lentinks im Maerz 2010
John and Viola Lentink in March 2010 in front of a church in the Netherlands. They have moved a lot for Diospi Suyana in the last years.

Dr.John’s lecture tour through Romania was the idea of Dutchman John Lentink. He set up the necessary contacts and with his wife Viola prayed for this operation for at least two years. A team of competent women and men joined him to help to realize this successful tour.

Lidia Murza (front row in the middle) founded an orphanage in her own town of Bistrita many years ago. She commits her whole life to humanitarian initiatives in the name of Christ. She brought the head of the publisher “Casa Cartii Publishing House’s attention to Diospi Suyana and organized some lectures for Dr.John in her region.

Vasile Gabrian (front left) founded the publishing house Casa Cartii 14 years ago. He commits his life to the distribution of Christian literature in Romania. He arranged the translation and the print of the book “I have seen God” into Romanian.  With reliably and humor he accompanied the medical missionary on his journey through the west and the north of Romania. Within one week 500 copies of the book were sold. He remembers when his parents secretly distributed bibles in the time of dictatorship in Romania. They constantly were in danger of being arrested by the intelligence.

Lucian Oniga (back right) brought the youth organization “Peniel” to life two decades ago. Through Christian camps and congresses he reached tens of thousands of young people with the message of faith in Jesus Christ. During the reign of communism, his father was spied on, slandered and lastly sentenced to forced labor. He functioned as the translator for most of the presentations.

Lacrinioara Pop (front right) is a medical assistant for pediatrics and a leading member of an association of Christian doctors and students in the town of Cluj. She helped to prepare one of the presentations and has offered herself as the contact person for Diospi Suyana in Romania.

In the land of Dracula

Thanks to the dedication of these women and men, 3,500 Romanians visited 16 presentations in only 8 ½ days. Three radio interviews, a television contribution and a newspaper article were published. We thank God for their selfless assistance in the preparation of the tour and are excited about the incredible results.

Many people were encouraged in their faith and challenged to take God seriously in their own life by the presentations they heard about Diospi Suyana. Our hope is that a lot of young Romanians will consider a mission to Peru in the coming years to work with Diospi Suyana.

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