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Radio Diospi Suyana

Defying heat and boredom

Driven by a noble motive

The “Fiesta de la Santa Catalina” is the big event of the year in the District of Curahuasi.  All groups of society march with a swelled breast past the VIP tribune.  By doing this thousands show that they want to they want to be an inherent part of the village community.

Roughly 100 Diospi Suyana staff took part in yesterday’s event.  It was no easy exercise: waiting for more than two hours on the central square, lots of uncertainty and to crown it all technical hitches with the music.

Headed by Dr Ursula Buck many volunteers had set up an information stall showing the dangers of alcoholism.  (S)He who knows the Peruvian Andes is fully aware that such measures are highly topical.  Alcohol abuse is one of the reasons for widespread domestic violence in families.

Diospi Suyana wants to help and provide information. Without an uplifted index finger, but definitely with a concerned look.  And over the past 12 years the hospital, school, children’s clubs and our media centre have played a crucial part in reforming many attitudes and behaviour patterns. /KDJ