Building Bridges

Hi Klaus and Olaf,

Things went very well for us this week and we are thankful for yet another successful work week.

All the remaining work on the roofs of the kitchen, hospital workshop and emergency buildings are finished (photo 1), and the contractor has left until he’ll be needed again, which will probably be in about 2 months.

Since there are hardly any cranes in Curahuasi, we have to be inventive. We moved the concrete production to the south site and built a bridge to the ward E (photo 2). With only 15 people and in only 9 hours, we were able to produce about 60 square meters of concrete for the ceiling of the south wing, moving it with wheelbarrows. An impressive achievement!

We will be able to use the bridge over the next few weeks to move bricks as well as concrete for the ceiling of the west wing. The brick laying in the first floor of the west wing has been finished. We put in supports in the upper floor of the main ward and are moving forward with the brick laying (photo 3 and 4). The intensive care unit (C) has been marked and we started with the excavation.

The construction of the southern sustaining wall is tedious. We don’t have the appropriate tools on site. The rubble needs to be sorted by hand and moved by wheelbarrow, sometimes over long distances.

Well, these are the highlights of the past week.

All the best from Curahuasi. Have a nice weekend, Udo

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