Bruce Rydbeck – A Man I Admire

He sits in my office and smiles at me. I know that his visit to Curahuasi will mean a lot to all those who will meet him. For over 40 years, this American missionary has changed the lives of ten-thousands of people with his water projects. He is 64 now and is still full of enthusiasm. This week, he will advice the City of Curahuasi as they are exploring solutions in regards to their water scarcity issues. Hopefully, the local politicians will follow his recommendations.

15 years ago, when my wife and I were missionaries in Ecuador, Bruce invited me to join him on one of his trips to the local jail. Every Sunday, he preached to the prisoners at the Quito jail. And those prisoners were always happy to see him. I wil never forget those hours at the jail. 48 prisoners shared one room. On each side of the room, there were 8 bunk beds with three levels each. The room was lit by a light bulb dangling from the ceiling.

The guys were tough and responsible for many crimes. Life hadn’t been kind to them. Bruce, however, moved freely among them, telling them about God’s love. "Bruce, do you remember, when I went to the Quito prison with you? I ask as he sits across from me. He shakes his head. I am not surprised, he visited the prison so many times, with so many different people that he forgot. To me however, the experience is still vivid. The man with the bible and the calm voice. He never had an issue mingling with murderers, thieves and rapists, just like Jesus. /KDJ

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