Another milestone for Diospi Suyana



Hoisting of Peruvian, German and regional flags.

Peruvian and German national anthems

Dr. Roland Kliesow and Dr. Klaus-Dieter John are awarded medals of honour from the city of Curahuasi.

First speech: Dr. Klaus Dieter John

Second speech: Dr. Allen George

Musical presentation by the Colegio Antonio Ocampo

Greetings from the President of the evangelical churches in Curahuasi

Greetings from catholic priest Padre Tomas Garcia

Musical presentation by the group “Conjunto Evangelico”

Presentation of future members of staff of Diospi Suyana

Musical presentation by the “Trio Curahuasi”

Greetings from the Deputy President of the regional Government, Sr. Angel Parrantes

Third speech: Dr. Roland Kliesow, German Ambassador to Peru

Folklore dance by the group “Particular Jesus Evangelisador”

Greetings from the Head of the construction company, Constructec, Judd Johnson

Message by Dr. Victor Arroyo, director of the National Evangelical Council of Churches

The first cut of the spade by the German Ambassador, Dr. Roland Kliesow, the designated Director of the hospital, Dr. Klaus-Dieter John and the Director of the National Evangelical Council of Churches, Dr. Victor Arroyo, followed by a prayer of blessing.

Invitation to a small snack – 5000 open sandwiches and 4000 drinks were consumed.

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