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A whistle-stop tour from Frankfurt to Curahuasi

Easily done in one day

Who living in Europe would not want to see the Missionary Hospital Diospi Suyana first hand?  To be right in the middle of things.  Incredible. It makes a huge different seeing photos on a website or seeing something for yourself; actually walking through the hospital’s corridors and looking into the collegio’s classrooms.  Sadly, there are many doom-callers: “The journey is far too long!” say some, “It is far too laborious!” moan the others.  Everything total nonsense.  Why do not you fulfil one of your long-cherished life’s dreams?

We have discovered the best and most relaxing route from Europa to Peru, Frankfurt to Curahuasi.  Our test person was Natalie John, who is coming in order to work on her doctoral thesis in the seclusion of the Andes.

In no time to Peru’s mountains.  This is the secret.

The early bird catches the worm.  The alarm wakes you at 3:30a.m. and so that you do not find yourself in media re immediately you enjoy a good, strong cup of tea and some toast with your favourite jam on it.  At 4 o’clock – it is light at this hour during the summer months – a good friend picks you up and brings you to Frankfurt Airport.  At this hour of the morning tranquillity and peace hold sway over the check-in area.  This excursion should reduce your stress-levels.  Now you are out of the rut of your daily commitments, the traffic jams and others telling you what to do.

Your first flight takes off just after seven Paris-bound during which time you take 40 winks.

Since your connecting flight to Lima only leaves at 10:30 you enjoy a meal in one of the many restaurants and browse through the shops, perhaps even finding something your partner might like.

But wait for it.  The journey continues.  You saunter to the gate.  The distance of half a mile gets your blood circulating through your legs.  You show a delightful lady your ticket and before you know it you are sitting in a plane carrying you over the Atlantic.  Simply fantastic.  Since you have sufficient legroom and everything around you is extremely passenger-friendly, you cannot but relax.  You adjust your backrest and breathe deeply.  Yes, travelling can be so wonderful.  Hardly surprising that you are asleep before you know it.

In your dreams you hear a pleasant voice.  Your pilot says: “Welcome to Lima.  We wish you a pleasant stay.  Please take all your belongings with you!”  Columbus needed 3 weeks to cross the Atlantic, you did it in your sleep, congratulations.

You now can look forward to your first encounters with kind South Americans.  You meet delightful people at passport control, baggage reclaim and customs.  Not even an hour later you are at a Latam desk checking your 23kg suitcase in again.  You do some exercises and then reward yourself with a Starbucks coffee.  On such a day we allow you to indulge in more coffee than normal!  At 6p.m. your final flight brings you to the breath-taking panorama of the Andean mountain-world in Cusco.

Landing in Cusco at 7:15p.m. family or friends – or at least nice people – are at the ready to escort you by car to Curahuasi on the last three hours of your journey.  The driver gives you loads of information of the beautiful mountain region you are driving through; sadly, the darkness prevents you seeing it first hand, but descriptions can be better than the real thing.

At 11 o’clock you are cordially welcomed in Curahuasi, at least that was the case with our daughter Natalie.  Frankfurt Curahuasi in one day.  Three flights, two car-journeys and one big experience.  Through the time difference you had seven hours extra.  Truly everything worked for you today even the globe.

So, there are no more excuses.  Pack your suitcases.  The world-famous Missionary Hospital Diospi Suyana, our exemplary Colegio and Media Centre are waiting for you to discover them.  We wish you a good journey. /KDJ (Picture caption: Natalie John with her suitcase this morning)

Cheerful and friendly people are waiting for you in Curahuasi.