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Radio Diospi Suyana

Diospi Suyana is no health factory…

… but is built on real and deep relationships

Claudia Sperling living in Essen writes: “I would like to give my thanks back to God and support an organisation where I see that God is at work and is blessing it.  Having followed Diospi Suyana for several years I see and recognise your love for God and the people that you serve.  Hence, it is a real joy for me to support you!”

Whilst filming in Curahuasi a secular TV-team remarked: “Diospi Suyana is not a normal hospital; it is more like a family!”  This phenomenon can also be seen in a questionnaire that to date 5,673 patients have taken part in.

Of the 34,000 questions relating to the treatment received at the missionary hospital 98.6% were answered positively.  The key question in this study is: “The Hospital Diospi Suyana wants to pass on the love of Jesus.  Do you find that its staff succeed in doing this?”

Diospi Suyana has 1,139 long-term donor who are also woven into human relationships.

Why does this remarkable dealing with people work so well on the various levels of Diospi Suyana?  The answer is easy: we take God and his love at face value.

A full waiting room seen this morning at 10a.m.  All these patients do not want to be merely a number in a system.  They yearn for love, appreciation and attention.
Dr. Werner Keßler and one of his patients.  Without many words the picture expresses their relationship of trust.